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Industry headlines: The common choice of Zhanchen and BBMG, a good partner for paint, you are worth buying!

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As the saying goes, \"People rely on clothes, horses and saddles\", and good products cannot do without high-end packaging. Not only the appearance is exquisite, but also the excellent quality, which can protect the product and isolate the external pollution and damage. It also requires thorough pre-sales consultation and after-sales service to capture the hearts of customers and truly become quality packaging Product supplier. In the packaging products industry, there is such a company that meets all the above requirements. It has been adopted by many well-known paint brands such as Zhiqiang Paint, Taihu Co., Ltd., Bright Paint, BBMG, Yakai Paint, Zhanchen Paint, etc. At the forefront.


As a comprehensive one-stop procurement workshop integrating production, processing and sales, Yixing Jinpeng Printing Iron Packaging Products Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as \"Jinpeng Printing Iron\") has been focusing on high-end printing iron can series and latex paint barrel series for many years. , Paint barrel series, pharmaceutical chemical barrel series and other iron-plastic containers. Jinpeng Iron Printing has advanced complete sets of equipment and production technology, and its products are produced and managed in strict compliance with ISO9002 standards. The application scope of Jinpeng Iron Printing products includes paint buckets, paint buckets, medical chemical buckets, iron-plastic containers, etc., covering a very wide range.

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Jinpeng Iron Printing is located in the beautiful and rich coast of Taihu Lake-the Tao Capital Yixing. It is known as the ancient capital of pottery, the oasis of tea, the ocean of bamboo, and the world of caves. The transportation is very convenient. Ninghang 104 National Road to Suzhou and Xi The main roads in Changsha, Changzhou and other places pass through the factory. Since its establishment, Jinpeng Printing has adhered to the business policy of \"good quality, good reputation, good service, abiding by contracts, keeping promises, mutual benefit, small profits but quick turnover\", superior product quality, low product prices, and good business Reputation wins the market.

Because of its excellent product quality and considerate service, Jinpeng Iron Printing has an excellent reputation in the market and has been praised and recognized by customers. The products are sold to many provinces and cities across the country, and are exported to South America, Canada, Malaysia, Ecuador , Mexico and many other overseas countries have demonstrated the excellent quality of \"Made in China\" in many overseas countries.

For many years, Jinpeng Iron Printing has been specialized in product quality and research and development. It has won honors such as Wuxi AAA Contract and Trustworthy Enterprise Certificate. It has independent export rights and dangerous package certification, and its product quality is trustworthy. In addition, we also pay attention to customer feedback and pre-sales and after-sales service. All products can be guaranteed for two years, and free samples are supported, and products can be customized according to customer needs.

Faced with the impact of the epidemic on the entire industry and the future expectations, Mr. Zhou, the head of Jinpeng Printing and Iron, said that the epidemic is violent and it has hit every industry. This is beyond doubt. It is indispensable for the coatings, chemical and other industries, so the current market situation is generally optimistic. Good product quality will help the paint products to add brilliance, and play a role in adding points, then Jinpeng Iron Printing will become the best choice for consumers. In the future, Jinpeng Printing will continue to innovate and develop without fear of difficulties and risks. While stabilizing the market, it will continue to conduct targeted research and development based on market changes and customer needs. We also hope that friends from all walks of life can put forward valuable opinions and suggestions to help the industry move forward and join hands Old customers create brilliant!