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  • Congratulations to Jinpeng package for winning the top ten coating raw material companies in 2019

    2019 marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China. With the deepening of supply-side structural reforms, the quality of my country's raw material industry products continues to improve. In a rapidly developing and competitive social environment, the importance of product quality to enterprises is self-evident . If an enterprise wants to survive, it must build first-class quality to win the favor and trust of users, thereby creating a first-class brand and market, and brave the wind and waves in the ever-changing market wave and stay strong. As the largest new media service platform in the coatings industry, the Coatings Purchasing Network and the major coating companies in the United Nations jointly initiated the \"China Dream Coatings Miles\" market research activity, which has visited thousands of coatings, raw materials and equipment since its launch. Read More

  • Water-based coatings will have a big future

    Water-based paints will show their ambitions. Water-based paints include three types: water-soluble paint, water-reducible paint, and water-dispersible paint (latex paint). Water-based paint is a pollution-free product, and there is no waste residue, waste gas, waste water discharge during the production process, and there is no environmental pollution. In use, it is non-toxic, tasteless, benzene-free, and its heavy metal content is much lower than the national environmental protection limit standard. It is harmless to the human body. It is a new generation of green products that protect the ecological environment. As people pay more and more attention to environmental protection, water-based coatings are definitely promising.   The research institution ZionMarket Research released the latest research report showing that the global water-based coatings market scale was 58.39 billion U.S. dollars in 2015 and is expected to reach 78.24 billion U.S. dollars by 2021, with a compound annual growth rate of 5%.   Although there are some limitations in the performance of water-based coatings, but due to strict regulatory supervision and people's awareness of the environmental hazards of solvent-based coatings Read More

  • Industry headlines: The common choice of Zhanchen and BBMG, a good partner for paint, you are worth buying!

    As the saying goes, \"People rely on clothes, horses and saddles\", and good products cannot do without high-end packaging. Not only the appearance is exquisite, but also the excellent quality, which can protect the product and isolate the external pollution and damage. It also requires thorough pre-sales consultation and after-sales service to capture the hearts of customers and truly become quality packaging Product supplier. In the packaging products industry, there is such a company that meets all the above requirements. It has been adopted by many well-known paint brands such as Zhiqiang Paint, Taihu Co., Ltd., Bright Paint, BBMG, Yakai Paint, Zhanchen Paint, etc. At the forefront. As a comprehensive one-stop procurement workshop integrating production, processing and sales, Yixing Jinpeng Printing Iron Packaging Products Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as \"Jinpeng Printing Iron\") has been focusing on high-end printing iron can series and latex paint barrel series for many years. , Paint barrel series, pharmaceutical chemical barrel series and other iron-plastic containers. Jinpeng Printing has advanced complete sets of equipment and production technology, Read More

  • Top Ten Charity Gala Caring Persons of Paint-General Manager Zhou Jianhua of Jinpeng Packaging Barrel

    At the \"Love-Runze Chunlei\" charity dinner hosted by, the general manager Zhou Jianhua of Yixing Jinpeng Printing Packaging Products Co., Ltd. donated 4,000 yuan (the donation of 4,000 yuan can help a girl complete high school) Three years of study). General Manager Zhou Jianhua of Jinpeng Printing Iron (right) and the staff of China Children and Teenagers' Fund took a group photo. General Manager Zhou Jianhua of Jinpeng Printing Iron left his name on the signature board. , Paint barrel series, pharmaceutical chemical barrel series and other iron-plastic container joint-stock enterprises. The company has advanced complete sets of equipment and production technology, and its products are produced and managed in strict accordance with ISO9002 standards. Superior product quality, low product prices, and good business reputation have won the market. The company adheres to the business policy of honoring contracts, keeping promises, mutual benefit, and small profits but quick turnover. heat Read More